When to wash baby hair with shampoo


The new born baby skin and hair will be very sensitive, so you should be careful before applying on them. How often you can wash your baby’s hair. It is not essential to wash your baby’s hair every day. If your baby have an issue with the sweats too much around the head, you no need to worry because it is a common thing in new-born.

Tips to clean baby’s hair?

  • The major thing in washing baby hair is should wash it without letting the water into the eyes.
  • First step is make sure your bathroom is clean and comfortable then the temperature should be warm and make sure all the things is next to you to take it easily.
  • Once you wet the baby with little water, then take a small amount of baby shampoo on your palm and massage the hair gently and also make sure it reaches the scalp of your baby. In any case, your baby pushes you hand away then give him the favourite toy to play then wash the hair.
  • To prevent the water entering into his eyes use your arm to lean your baby back so the water will drip from the back to prevent the baby shampoo which won’t reach to the face and eyes.
  • Always should be gentle when cleaning the baby’s hair because at this point his scalp will be soft.
  • If using baby bathtub, then you can wet the baby’s hair by water with gentle rinsing with a small bowl of water. Or else you can install according to the baby comfortable in the crook of your elbow or on the palm of your hand gently bring the baby backwards so the head of the baby will come in contact with the water bath.
  • After this put a few drops of shampoo on baby’s head and gently massage it by the hand.
  • Then rinse the shampoo properly by using small bowl or by leaning baby again towards the water to clean it.
  • Once after washing dry baby’s hair just by tapping his head with soft towel. If your baby has a hair, then use soft bristle brush which is specifically designed for the baby’s to brush the hair.

How to choose baby shampoo?

When choosing a baby shampoo, it’s very important to choose the gentle one which is specifically designed for the babies with care of the dedicated to skin and hair for new born baby. Always choose the best shampoo for baby with the neutral pH of 5, 5 which is perfect for babies. Sometimes it may be unpleasant on the baby’s head which can be removed by applying and massaging the head with the baby oil gently so it will heal slowly.

shampoo for baby

What about baby’s having fussy hair

Washing the baby’s hair is very difficult because it will have sparse hair or thick tangled hair. If your baby is having a spare hair, then wash the hair once a week which is more than enough also make sure you clean the scalps because it should be kept clean. If hair is tangled or curly then use the shampoo once in a while. Due to the entangled hair can’t wash with the baby shampoo often for that there is a conditioner which can be used to prevent the hair from tangled up. So, you no need to use the shampoo all the time where the conditioner is good enough to do by just watering the hair and applying conditioner. By following these tips, you can wash your baby’s hair easily without any irritation.

Tips to make the process of cleaning soon

Actually many babies don’t like when someone washes their hair, because they will be fussy all the times when touching the hair where this is very usual and common or due to the shampoo which enters his eyes and cause burning sensation. Therefore, use the best shampoo for baby which is eco-friendly with no tears. If your baby cries while washing the hair you can try few tips which make the entire process easier.

  • Always keep the bath quick and short.
  • Use no tears shampoo which smells good.
  • If pouring of water scares the child, then use the sponge to clean the hair.
  • Don’t lean the baby without any support.
  • Gently massage the head while washing where this will calm sown the child at many times.